Pennsylvania Will & Trust Estate Planning Attorney

Planning for the future distribution of your estate is important to both you and your heirs. When there are missing pieces of documentation, whether a will, trust or other document, it can create very serious problems for your heirs. Getting all these matters resolved and in order gives you peace of mind, knowing that all the crucial matters are under control and that your estate will be distributed in the manner that you wish.

Planning your estate is vital for any individual, couple or family with assets, but when you are a business owner or own large amounts of property or other assets, it truly is an urgent matter. Life has its surprises and sudden changes in health or even an unexpected death can create havoc if you have not arranged your affairs. Poor planning can cause the state stepping in and make decisions for you – this is never a good idea. I can help individuals, business owners and families who need high quality and experienced legal assistance in developing a business succession plan, family trust, or getting all the proper documentation for the distribution of their estate after death, such as wills, living trusts and other personal protection documents.

Contact me to discuss the steps necessary to ensure that your estate planning is setup the way you want.